Sofie Stal is a visual artist specialized in goldsmithing and jewellery design. She works from her atelier in Groningen, the Netherlands. She graduated at the "Academie voor Edelsmeden van van Helden" (Zeist, Netherlands).

For her graduation she designed and created a piece of jewellery that  has resulted in the necklace "Orreryā€¯. The pendant of this necklace consists of three different objects: "Globe", "Saturn" and "Orbit". The wearer can choose which object (s)he likes to wear. The three objects can also be seen as independent artefacts.

Sofie is fascinated by the concept of transforming an object into a wearable piece of jewellery and vice versa. Another aspect Sofie likes to apply in her work is light and movement and using unusual, contemporary or new technologies. Sofie is often inspired by nature and architecture when designing jewellery.

This website is a platform for the "Orrery" and for other complex and bigger works completed in the near future. For other work check out www.soinflow.nl